Faye Croft


Stolen away by the Gentleman in the spring of 2003, Faye spent seven years in Arcadia being groomed into the perfect pet. When she escaped she found herself in downtown Minneapolis and the year 2007. Taken in by a pack of werewolves, she was given a new life as Faye Croft.

During the two years spent inside the Hedge, as the group believed themselves to be living in Castle Rock after the bombs had dropped, she developed a relationship with the pack alpha, Bear. The couple was married in May of 2009 when she bound them together under the Heart’s Oath pledge.

When Bear sacrified himself for the ritual to bring the Atlantians back to our world, she was gifted by the gods and came to find out she carried Bear’s child. Their daughter, Mackenize, was born in September of 2012 to the couple.

Little more than a year after the End, Faye left Bear, taking their daughter with her in the hopes of giving him the space he needed to come to find himself in his now human state. Despite her deep love for him, she keeps her distance, but aids him whenever she is able.

She holds to changeling seat on the Council, a position she isn’t overly happy to keep, but works to keep not just the changelings, but all supernaturals safe from the threats she can. Her knowledge of Arcadia and the True Fae in invaluible when dealing with creatures ruled by passion.

Faye Croft

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